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  • Product-shots

  • Food-photography

  • Property*

  • Automotive

  • Private/Charity events

  • Restaurants/Cafes/Lounges

  • Architecture

  • Business Premises


  • Sharp and clear products

  • Mouth-watering food

  • Creative and eye-grabbing perspectives

  • Bright, clean & clutter-free properties

  • No cables or unwanted reflections

  • Busy looking environments


For any photography listed above (excluding property, see below):

£70 per hour | 2 hours minimum booking

*Property photography starting at £150 for a furnished 1 bedroom property, or £120 for unfurnished or 'as is' (meaning no tidying up necessary, no clearing of objects to "make it nice", cables, dirt, etc).

add £25 for each extra room (i.e. Two bed property, furnished: £175)

Travel expenses apply for locations more than 40 miles away from Manchester (M1).

Included in your booking: 

Private online gallery, download and share your photos

Professional and individual editing of each photo, no photographs go untouched

Your photos in high resolution, at 300 dpi

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