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Showcase #1

'Showcase' will be a new series that I will try my best to update every week, each time describing and showcasing a photo taken by me. Depending on each picture's complexity, I will explain its context, location, and post production details.

This week, I'll start with one of my favourite photographs, the Alfama guitarist.

This is one of my earliest photographs, taken sometime between 2006 and 2007 in Alafama, an old town area of Lisbon. This particular place is a hidden nook, for the most part, hidden from the tourists and loud city noises, tight dwindling streets and living quarters to mostly elder folk.

Just having a stroll through old Lisbon with a couple of friends, we came upon this man, just casually playing his guitar, a very soft and mellow tune came from the tips of his fingers. Holding a cigar between his lips, the man paid no mind to us or me taking this photograph, I could only suppose he was too immersed in his chords to pay any mind to a group of silly early 20 year olds.

It wasn't until years later that I realized how nice of a shot this was as I was going through old photos. I no longer recall what camera I used, most likely a digital compact Olympus I used to own (my first digital). Unfortunately I have lost the original colour file, despite preferring it in B&W anyway.

This photograph always comes to mind when I think about all the good things Lisbon has to offer, and it serves as a testament on how charming the old city area is, how you can turn a corner and find a completely unexpected event, from a guitarist, to old Roman ruins, to 5 to 6 year old children suddenly running ecstatically out of a school in an old building you'd never think would harbor a school inside.

Lisbon never fails to impress no matter how many times you've been, and is the favourite place of many to visit.

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