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Showcase #3

This week on 'Showcase', Yoga master in Doha.

Doha, the capital of Qatar, is actually quite small. Still lagging behind Dubai, Doha started to slowly grow and expand after the 70's, but because of the always growing oil and natural gas industries, Doha's economy simply exploded (in a good way) from the late 2000's, giving birth to sky-scraper after sky-scraper, as well as very interesting architectural buildings (more of that in a future 'showcase').

And it was very near to Doha's West bay area, where such buildings are, that I found this gentleman facing the canal, practicing his Yoga. I struggled to get a good shot at first, I can't exactly recall why (something to do with exposure I reckon), and he had moved on from this pose, just standing on that ledge doing some type of meditation.

Standing my ground I waited directly behind him, this time fully prepared, fortunately it wasn't a busy late afternoon, and I was just waiting and hoping for him to repeat the pose, which eventually he did.

Patience paid off this time.

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