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Wedding | Rachel & Kevin

There were some family members and friends that hadn't managed to go abroad for the real wedding (or is that the fake one?), so Carla also wanted to make sure to have some memorable photos of these folks celebrating with Rachel and Kevin, you know, because she's nice like that.

Both Rachel & Kevin were really memorable to me; hip, modern, good looking, and both loved the camera, needless to say I had a blast. They were so nice to me, and so generous, I wish them and their family all the best in the world.

Some time before the wedding day I was contacted by the groom's sister, Carla, she was looking for a photographer to surprise her brother and her future sister-in-law. The couple had just married abroad but in order to make it legal in the UK, they had to officialise it in Britain, so it was a lot of fun to 'conspire' with Kevin's sister and mother to get this planned, everything was very hush-hush.


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