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Mobile website optimized

Mobile site preview

Today I finally managed to strike-out one of the main priority items from my to do list; the mobile website has now been optimized to actually work and look properly on mobile devices. You can access the same content as before - but in a much more streamlined way - on your phone or tablet.

If it's not showing properly on your device try either to type the address with an additional “?a” at the end (e.g., or if the above advice for mobile devices doesn’t work, you need to take the alternative following steps (or something along these lines depending on what browser you use):

  1. Go to the browser menu, usually on the top right-hand corner (it looks like 3 vertical dots or 3 horizontal lines).

  2. Settings.

  3. Site settings.

  4. All sites.

  5. Find and touch it.

  6. Touch the ‘Clear & Reset’ button or the bin icon.

That should solve any issues.

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