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Wedding | Sharon & Lorenzo

Sharon first met with me at a coffee shop near the Liverpool docks to talk about her wedding planned for the 15th October, she came armed with a slew of her future bride's maids, about 3 of them, maybe 4, so the pressure was officially on...

I'm of course joking in my tone, as both Sharon and Lorenzo were outstanding and a lot of fun to be around, you could feel the chemistry between the two from the first minute, from memes to movie references, these two love birds belong to each other.

Sharon was an absolute angel, frequently checking with me if everything was ok, if I needed anything, even going to the extent of getting me a seat at the table for the wedding breakfast and offering me the same full meal all her guests were having, I felt like she was providing the service instead of vice-versa.

Had a load of fun with these two and their guests, thank you so much for having me.


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