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Showcase #4

Showcase is back this week, and today we have "On the rooftops".

Carnival is massive back in Portugal, and it's completely mad beyond any scope in Brasil, its' a beautiful spectacle to look at. Even if you're not a fan of carnival season or even festivities, you can definitely appreciate the art and logistic effort that is put into it. So my expectations were - incorrectly - high for Notting Hill's.

Skipping the particulars of my disappointment towards the carnival, it was well worth going to see for myself how it was, and to capture this shot. People were just hanging about anywhere you can put people, lamp posts, sign posts, trucks, rooftops, etc. I was watching the lorry parade going about on the street when I noticed these three girls on a house rooftop, but instead of witnessing the parade or waving some flag or another like everyone else, they were getting into a photo-pose. And then there's this guy coming out of an adjacent window... perfect. I was just glad I had brought the zoom lens instead of the 50mm that day.

As a fan of Carnival, being Portuguese and all, I was quite curious when I've heard Notting Hill had a carnival of it's own, rumours of big festivities, crazy costumes and so forth. It wasn't until 2105 that I finally forced myself to go (like I said, curious, not excited) to see if it was all that good. It wasn't.

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