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Showcase #6

Welcome to Showcase#6, this week I'm sharing the story of the Doha market girl photo.

This is the second photo that I'm showcasing of Doha, in Qatar. My first was the Yoga Master, have a look for some extra insights on Qatar.

The thing I loved about being able to shoot in Doha was that it was just such a different range of colours, a very distinct palette compared to the usual westernized urban jungle, warmer colours, browns, oranges and yellows. This market that we found a few kilometers outside the city was an immense display of those colour tones, nightfall was close and a lot of purples and pinks were about to show, before that took place however I saw this charming set of three doors and took a few shots. It was interesting but it needed something, a subject, something to give it scale and turn said doors into a backdrop rather than the main subject.

Street photography sometimes involves a lot of waiting and some patience from the photographer. Sometimes you have the right shot and composition setup, but you need something or someone to come and "complete" that shot, so when you can, you wait. Fortunately I've only waited for two or three minutes leaning onto a wall, pretending obviously that I wasn't trying to capture anything. If people get wind of you they tend to stop and wait until you finish taking the photo, without realizing that actually they were going to be part of the photo. So, just play the chilling out game.

Eventually this family came along, and ahead of them, pacing in long strides was this girl, distracted by the white pavement as if it was a race-track, it was even better than I had hoped for. As soon as she was just the right amount into my composition, I hit that button. Lovely.

Thanks for reading!

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