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Wedding | Teaney & John

Teaney and John were all about the glamour of it all, every little detail counted and was taken seriously as an essential part of the whole, and with such a large extended family, there were a lot of interesting characters and subjects to shoot, even their much younger cousins were 'glamed up' and ready for a day of exorbitance.

You could tell just by walking into a room with Teaney in it that she had very high presentation standards and would leave no stone unturned, everything was perfect, this was definitely her day, and Teaney had no problem demonstrating that.

Yet, in the end of it all, both mother and daughter couldn't help but crack and shed some tears, one saying goodbye to her little girl that was now grown up, and the later appreciating everything that her mum did and symbolizes for her.

I wish them all the best in the world.


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